ART VIDEO: The Making of Hebrews 11:1 by Michel Keck

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  • Posted by Becky on

    Imagine the surprise of someone who has only started painting a year ago thinking that abstract art appeared easier to paint than realistic art. A few art lessons later, several attempts at being extremely careful with my supplies and trying not to get too messy, I stumbled across your videos this evening. Watching how you interact with the paints, brushes, and metal scraper, you appear to be having such great fun. When the canvas was flipped over and rubbed against the cement floor, I wondered why in the world you would want the painting ruined? My goodness, I would never guess that it was a technique used to make the painting appear aged? worn? blended? Watching your process and techniques were eye-opening to a perfectionist who needs to loosen up. Please keep sharing your inspirational creations.

  • Posted by Becky on

    Michel . . . Your videos are inspiring and the messages, quotes, and prayers make your paintings extra meaningful. Please continue to share your talent with those of us that are just beginning to explore our own artistic strengths. May God continue to bless you, your work, and those that are fortunate enough to display it in their homes.

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