my latest... INNER PEACE

Inner Peace
36" x 72" x 1.5"
mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas

©Michel Keck

quote in this work reads "Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace". - Dalai Lama

So much hatred in our world today. For what? Because we don't like who someone else votes for politically? Because we can't force our opinions on to others and make them bend to doing everything our way 100%? I am blessed with several friends and collectors who can have kind, respectful and open conversations with me on even the most difficult of subjects. For that I am grateful!! I LOVE the positive people in my life!! Sadly, imho, it seems open minds and open hearts are so hard to find these days. That bothers me.

I am a firm believer that the mainstream media and many on both political sides of the aisle benefit greatly from human division and racial discord. Social media is on fire with such nastiness and negativity and I truly feel it is often only a breeding ground for more hate. I can't say I love our President without being attacked and called things like a right-winged lunatic. Funny thing is I walk more closely down the center of both political sides than most people I associate with. I can't say that I am vegan and an animal rights activist without being attacked by those who think I am trying to take their hamburgers away or trying to destroy farmer's lives. (I come from a family of farmers, even cattle farmers.. so wrong there too but I am very opposed to factory farming). I can't express that I personally prefer to say ALL Lives Matter instead of saying Black Lives Matter for fear of being called a racist or labeled white privileged. I have received hate mail and am publicly mocked because I put scripture from the Bible into my paintings. We are living in a society where it is no longer okay to hold beliefs or opinions without being attacked by people from the 'other side' because we don't agree with them. And no.. before you make this a Republican / Democrat issue I am talking about hate that comes from both sides. WTH is going on in this world?

If we as a society can not politely agree to disagree with open hearts and open minds and be willing to try and reach some common middle ground with one another nothing will ever change.

For me finding peace comes from disconnecting from the negative. I am easily zapped and pulled into the negative when I am surrounded with it. For me peace comes from removing myself from negative situations. I find peace in meditation, through heart/mind coherence practice, surrounding myself with my loves in nature and through CREATION/painting.

So the past few days, as a way to pull myself out of all the negative running rampant I painted. :) Here is my most recently completed painting titled INNER PEACE.

While I was creating this painting I was listening to some guided meditations by Joe Dispenza. I was envisioning what this world would be like if everyone got on the same page with love energy/heart coherence for even just one day. ENJOY!
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