Limited Edition, Artist Signed, Fine Art Greeting / Note Cards

Limited Edition, Artist Signed, Fine Art Greeting / Note Cards


The ART of The Handwritten Letter. I am a letter writer. I absolutely love receiving and sending handwritten letters!! Sadly, handwritten letters are becoming such a rare commodity. The world we live in today, with texts and emails flying around at lightning speeds, is witnessing the disappearance of the handwritten letter. Almost 40% of Americans say they haven't written and sent a handwritten letter in 5 years. That statistic boggles my mind. To me, handwritten letters are treasured gifts that let the recipient know just how special they are to the sender!


I love the idea of doing my little part to help keep the handwritten note/letter process ALIVE and thriving! My line of limited edition, fine art greeting cards give my collectors and fans a unique and fun way to send their own little personal handwritten notes to their friends/loved ones.

 My fine art greeting card sets are made available in very limited editions of only 50 sets per design.  Each limited edition, fine art greeting card set is artist hand-signed, hand-numbered and comes in a black gift box. 

Once the set is gone it will be retired and no longer available to purchase as a greeting card. Check back often for new art greeting card launches and order any of the sets that catch your eye before they retire. 

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    I agree that handwriting a letter is becoming a lost art. They are a rare commodity. I was amazed that almost 40% of Americans haven’t written a letter in five years. Buying note cards that can be written on by the author’s hand is very important.

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