never enough  time in the day

never enough time in the day

prolific.... ehh that puts it mildly.  I am always... ALWAYS.... a l w a y s creating.  doodling circle drawings, painting raw abstracts.. some with scripture and/or crosses other times without.  Other days I'm feeling more of a collage or mixed media assemblage mood and viola a new Keck creation is born!  The creation process is therapeutic.. cathartic.. FUN!  The biz end, ehhh not so much.

I don't know if having massive art storage is common or uncommon for most artists... many of my original pieces haven't made it to being shown yet and sit in large flat file drawers or rolled up in a tube until I find time to photograph and list everything.  

flat file art storage system at keck fine art

from time to time I will pull open the drawers and go through them.. often reminding myself of works I've already forgotten I've even created.  I was going through the file folder the other day (when I found my collage: Are You Sure About This? 2005ish I think) and noticed tons of my abstract cross art paintings that I still have not made available to the public.  So... hopefully will be adding some of these over the next couple of days.  

below were some I haven't listed yet.. but will be over the next couple of days. 

Abstract Cross Art Paintings - Christian Inspired cross art paintings by Michel Keck

Road trip coming up so keep your eye peeled as I list art from my art journals along the way! Keep on creating!! 

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