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New Dog Tshirts, Tanks & Hoodies: Dog themed clothing for dog lovers!

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It is hard to believe that I've been creating my colorful pooch art for over a decade now.  Almost since the the beginning of my dog art paintings and prints collections began I've was receiving requests to put my dog art on to t-shirts & other clothing.

Until now (2018) I've refused to put my dog art onto clothing for a wide variety of reasons.  The fact is the print on demand companies (POD's) that are creating dog tshirts have not given the artists the ability to have control over how the artwork is placed onto the clothing.  I've tried working with a few print on demand companies to place my dog art onto tshirts and other gift items and have always been disappointed.  The fact is the merchandise is poor quality, and in some instances where the quality is okay the print on demand companies are less than reputable.  I've had to legally battle  a couple of major print on demand companies who were selling my works either without authorization or simply not paying me for selling products that they did have my permission to sell.  (I am happy to report I have won against everyone I have had to pursue for the illegal sell of my art).

I am really proud of my new dog clothing line and the ability for the first time to be able to personally design my dog tshirts, dog tank tops and dog hoodies with all over printing.  I researched the dog tshirt market thoroughly before beginning this venture and there is such a huge need for dog lovers looking for quality dog themed clothing.  The majority of what is on the  market is your basic... 'slap the image on the center of the tshirt and be done with it'.  We are able to use my dog art and create truly wearable art and although just launched, we are receiving a huge positive response to all of the creations in my dog art tshirt line.

Dog lovers looking for anything from the "I LOVE MY DOG (insert breed here) " tshirts, to BIG FACE dog tees, to humorous dog tshirts with funny saying such as DOGS BECAUSE PEOPLE SUCK tshirts can find what they are looking for in my dog tshirt collections.

 Whether you are looking for dog tshirts for women, men or children you can browse or shop them all from this page here.

The latest in my line of dog art is my BUDDHA DOGS Collection  "Buddha Dog Say.... Series".   You can shop my Buddha Dog Art Tees here.

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