False Flags III
Canvas Art Print

  • $ 115.00

Abstract Canvas Art Prints by Michel Keck

Title: False Flags III (#122104-c)
Size: 12" x 18" (other larger sizes available)
Medium: Fine art giclee print on gallery wrapped canvas.

How My Wish List Collection Began: 

It was a happy little accident, back in 2007, that led me to create this style of painting that became known as my Wish List Collection. I refer to this body of works as my energy paintings.

When I first started this series it was my eBay art selling days, and it was not uncommon for me to be working on 3 or 4 works at the same time. I had a freshly gessoed canvas next to where I was painting and paint from the painting I was working on fell into the freshly gessoed canvas next to the painting I was creating. I tried flinging the paint off the freshly gessoed canvas and what splatted to the floor was a wonderous design that had me immediately mesmerized.

I was so captivated by the rope of paint that was created from the force of flinging the paint that I knew in that instant I wanted to work to create paintings that would duplicate that splat. Viola.. my Wish List Collection was born! If you can capture what energy looks like via painting I believe it is my Wish List Collection.

 You Can't See The Forest Through The Trees:  

Usually when people hear that saying above they get a negative picture of someone who is so hyper focuses on all the little tiny details that they are completely incapable of seeing the bigger picture.  But when I think of this body of works (my wish list collection) I think of that saying but see it in a positive light.. someone who is taking the time to step far enough back from the bigger picture to see all the beautiful little details that it takes to create the greater whole.     We all make up the bigger picture, each of us as special and important as the next.  

The viewing process on this body of works is so completely different whether viewed from a distance or when viewed up close.   So much beauty is missed when you view from too far away, and yet when viewing too close you miss out on the beauty of the larger picture.  

Often with works in this series you may see  I, II, III, IV or V works with the same title followed by a Roman numeral. In these instances I've found what I believe are the stand alone micro masterpieces from within the larger picture that have so much beauty and deserve to be their own stand alone work of art.