Down The Rabbit Hole Collection

Down The Rabbit Hole Art Series by Michel Keck®  

 "Before Alice Got To Wonderland She Had To Fall"......

The Why...

It was during the process of dealing with the massive counterfeit issues of my artwork on one of the world's largest internet selling platforms that I learned of my artwork images being stolen by a self-proclaimed "Christian Artist" who was earning his living off of the sales of manipulated versions of my original art. It all hit at a difficult time for my family while my dad was battling colon cancer. The day we found out that this man had stolen images of my artwork, manipulated the images slightly by blurring them, manipulating the colors, etc. and then selling them as his own original artworks.  When we were alerted to what he was doing and viewed his website I looked directly at my hubby shaking my head and said... "is everyone mad??".   At that instant I mentally envisioned Alice falling down the rabbit hole and I got the idea to create a line of works to evoke in the viewer that dizzying effect of that falling and helpless feeling. 

 The How..

These works are created by combining my paintings, drawings and collage works digitally in photoshop. I start by laying the sections of the past works into the source image.  From that point the layers are melded and warped together.  A favorite tool I like to use for warping my images is puppet warp. 

You will see 'circle' images drawn into many of my works from this series.  These are all taken from circle drawings that I created in the 1990's. 

I hope you enjoy viewing the works from my Down The Rabbit Hole series and the maddening reason behind it.

 Down The Rabbit Hole...

My canvases becomes a portal, inviting you to traverse the whimsical twists and turns of a surreal and enchanting realm. Each brushstroke is a step deeper, unraveling layers of complexity that mirror the intricate pathways of curiosity. Colors cascade like a kaleidoscope, echoing the unpredictable nature of the rabbit hole adventure. The composition, a labyrinth of symbols and shapes, captures the essence of the unknown, mirroring the exhilaration and mystery of navigating uncharted territories. In this artwork, the rabbit hole is not just a metaphor; it's a visual odyssey, an exploration of the fantastical, and an invitation to lose yourself in the wonderment of the unexpected.


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