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This style of art falls under so many categories depending on who you speak with and artists for many years have used otherwise tossed asided and discarded items to create unusual and beautiful works of art.   Whether you like to call it found object art, recylced art, junk art, altered art, ready-mades or combines this collection contains the assemblages I create using found objects, discarded items and delightful, rusty treasures that I collect from the hikes we take, the abandoned places we visit and the junking trips we go on.    I have always been drawn to both modern, vintage industrial style home decor and old farmhouses.  It may be a blend that seems unusual as they are both on such opposite sides of the spectrum but my love for both I think shows through in my found object art assemblages I create, combining both the old cozy and rustic farmhouse feel with a vintage industrial feel.   

It was not until a N.Y. art show I exhibited at in 2007 did I come to find out about the amazing artist Robert Rauschenberg.  An art collector who came in to my booth to view my works and compliment me on a mixed media piece I had created, Hard Knock Life. He told me that a couple of my pieces, including Hard Knock Life, reminded him of Robert Rauschenberg.  I explained I did not know who that was and he encouraged me to find out.   After the show when I looked up Rauschenberg I realize just how great a compliment I had been paid.   If I had to name two artists that are the most inspiring to me it would be Bosch and Rauschenberg.

Each of my found object art assemblages are one-of-a-kind.  No two pieces are ever alike.  Each piece is signed on the back and will arrive to you wired and ready to hang.  


  1. FOUND OBJECT ART | assemblages made of found objects, recycled material and repurposed junk.
  1. HEART ART: Found Object Heart Art Assemblage
  1. Found Object Art  <br>Heart Assemblage #2
  1. Found Object Art  <br>Heart Assemblage #3
  1. Found Object Art Assemblage <br> Vintage Industrial Art
  1. Found Object Art
  1. Found Object Art Assemblage Recycled & Repurposed Junk Art
  1. Original Vintage Industrial Assemblage: Take It Or Leave It