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Keck® Bespoke Art Wallpaper & Wall Murals

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Keck The Walls™

Discover how you can customize any wall, whether it be in your own home or in a client's corporate design project, into a true conversation piece with personalized Keck® Bespoke Wallpapers and Wall Murals.  Artist designed wallpapers and wall murals created directly from Michel Keck's wide array of abstracts, mixed medias, collage works and intricate circle drawings.  You choose from Keck's vast portfolio of works and we will create for you a bespoke wallpaper pattern that will be custom made exclusively for you.

Keck® Bespoke Art Wallpaper & Wall Murals can be used to customize homes, restaurants, corporate office spaces, showrooms, exhibitions, hotels, etc. Indiana based abstract/mixed media artist Michel Keck creates bespoke wallpapers from portions of her abstract & mixed media paintings, digital art creations and collage works.

At we can design and create bespoke art wall coverings to fit any design project you have whether it is large or small.  Transform any space with bespoke wallpaper created by abstract/mixed media artist Michel Keck.  With over 1,500+ abstract, mixed media and collage works to choose from we can customize an exclusive art covering specific to your exact needs.  Any of Michel Keck's artwork images can be printed in digital format and then converted into absolutely sublime, custom art wallpapers.

No design project is too small or too large. We will help you create the ultimate, customized feature wall for your home or for your client's corporate design project.  Whether you’re wanting to turn a wall in your home to the focal point of the room, or a design firm looking to bring color and inspiration to your client's corporate walls we can assist you with a custom art wallpaper to suit your every need.



▼ Wallpaper Options and Textures below

PVC Free, Recycled, Printable Wallcovering
Terralon digitally printable wallcoverings is a bold step in the evolution of green media. 31% post consumer, extremely low VOC, hightly permeable & contributes to LEED projects.


Flash Series
GOLD, SILVER, BLACK – Highly Reflective Flash Series
The Flash Series is highly reflective and produces head turning wall graphics, wide format murals, and interior decor for retail, hospitality, corporate, trade show and museum displays. This series is especially effective in upscale, flashy venues like night clubs, bars, restaurants, and hotels.


Bling! & Prisma
Print Spectacular Metallics with Bling! and Prisma
Metallic enriched surfaces – Bling! features a silver metallic sparkle on a heavy bead texture. Prisma has a unique multi color sparkle on a canvas look. Both offer printer and designer a new way to make graphics stand out.


A Brushed Metal Look in Steel or Pearl Color
Satara Steel and Satara Pearl, a moderately reflective inkjet media that feels like fabric with a brushed metal appearance. Satara combines a unique embossed surface along with a proprietary coating. The result is a more subdued, yet highly sophisticated and luxurious sheen.


Many of Keck's abstract and mixed media pieces can be created as wall murals for smaller walls where you wish to have the entire abstract painting displayed on the wall as a mural.   



Using our state-of-the-art imaging capabilities and wall covering applications, your family & loved ones, patrons, visitors, or staff can experience an environment that is uniquely yours. Our durable commercial grade wall coverings are available in several different finishes and textures. (shown above).

Transform any home, lobby, boardroom, or retail space into an exciting visual experience that can convey your personal taste, or in corporate projects your brand essence or message.  We can help you make your vision a reality.

With custom printed wallpaper, you are not limited to the pattern repeats of conventional printing processes unless that is the look you are going for.  All options are available to you with Keck® Bespoke Art Wallpaper and Murals. There are also no production minimums, which allows for short runs and one-of-a-kind images. Custom printed wallpaper goes up just like the preprinted wallpaper you can buy at the store with an adhesive or a heavy-duty wallpaper paste. Our wallpaper is a commercial grade, which makes installation and removal easy. Certain custom printed wallpapers we offer can qualify for LEED certification credits and are Class A, UL Certified, and NFPA approved.

Our quality wall coverings can be used in just about any industry or environment—anywhere you want to enhance your message and make an impact.

 Please phone or email us today at the contacts below to discuss your bespoke wallpaper needs!


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