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Abstract Art Originals & Prints up to 70% OFF!

Buy Upscale Original Art Online Direct from the Artist and SAVE!

No Gallery FEES - Artist Direct Always.

 At there is no middle man.  You can purchase original abstract art paintings, original scripture and cross art paintings, original mixed media assemblages and original collage art artist direct and save!

No gallery mark-ups!  Here at you are buying Artist Direct - from yours truly... Michel Keck - all of the original art shown here are my personal original paintings, assemblages and collage works.  

The great majority of internet web sites dedicated to selling art online allow the artist to list their art and then they keep a percentage of each sale.   The portion of the art sale that these online art galleries keep when a purchase is made usually ranges from 30% to as much as 50%.  Often times the artist marks the price of their work up accordingly so that they can receive the 'retail' amount once the sale is made. For example if an artist wishes to make $1,000.00 on the sale of their painting and they know the online art gallery is going to make 30% of that sale, they mark that work up to $1,300 so that they can still earn the portion they need to earn from that sale.

I am not knocking these online art sites, in fact I've sold on a few myself to help reach new customers, but the reality is that if you can buy artist direct it always saves the art buyer money in the long run. Always. 

If you are wishing to purchase upscale ORIGINAL artworks online artist direct to save money then I can assist you.   I have been a full time professional artist since 2003.  I have worked for many private and corporate collections.  My original works have been seen in department stores, bars/restaurants, hotels, television shows and even on the BIG SCREEN in major motion pictures.

You can reach me via email at or phone me directly at 812.859.4191 or cell phone at 219.306.9474.  I answer all contacts within 1 business day so if you leave me an email or message and don't hear back from me please reach out to me again as technology is not always reliable.  


You can purchase my original artwork ARTIST DIRECT one of two ways..


1) Listed at AUCTION as SOON as they are completed.  This is a FUN way for both new and long-time Keck collectors to take their chance at winning an original at 60% off its retail selling price.

I.E. - A 24" x 36" original that I sell at $850.00 will be made available one time only at $340, which is 60% off what it will be listed for at retail on my web sites.  It is guaranteed that original will NEVER be made available publicly at that discounted price again EVER.  It is a one time shot and it is first come first serve.

If one of my originals does not receive bids it will be listed at full retail through my web sites.  It is a one time shot for my collectors to snag an original artist direct for far less than they will ever have the opportunity to again.

Starting this month (May 2016) My abstract art paintings, my mixed media assemblages and original collage works will be put up at auction as soon as I have them completed.  eBay art auctions will be the first place they will be made publicly available for purchase.

Art collectors can purchase my original art from me artist direct through the auction process.  For those of you who have been my faithful collectors since the beginning in 2003 you know that eBay is where I got my start in selling my art to the world.   I like the idea of returning to my roots and I LOVE the idea of putting eliminating the MIDDLE MAN from the art buying process again.   Letting the collector buy DIRECT without the 30% to 50% gallery fees that artists are having to pay .. and COLLECTORS are ultimately having to pay when purchasing through these venues.

I believe a true art collector is wise enough to know what he or she likes.  If they need to use an 'art consultant' at one of these online galleries to help them 'choose' what they like... ummmmm more than likely my art is not going to be of interest to them anyway.   There are those who are okay with PAYING MORE and being 'told' what to like... and then there are those who simply know what they want and don't mind getting a bargain in the process ;)  - my original art auctions are for the latter.

 These will be NO RESERVE auctions.  That means the auction simply has an 'opening' bid and as long as that first bid is placed you can purchase one of my original paintings for 1/2 off what I list my original works for.

You can view my art auctions on ebay.  My seller id: michelkeckart you may click the link below to view all of my available original art auctions with opening bids of 60% to 70% off retail NO GALLERY FEES - AND NO RESERVES.

2) Listed on either of my two web sites under the ORIGINALS tab



Michel Keck

No Gallery Fees - Artist Direct - Always!