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Caring for 100% Cotton Tanks, Tees & Hoodies

Even stores that sell 100% cotton tees as 'pre-shrunk' usually shrink.  The shrinking almost always happens in the first washing.  Shrinkage of 100% cotton clothes can also happen during the drying process. 

With proper care there are ways for a person to wash and clean their 100% cotton clothes that will make a significant contribution to the longevity and appearance of them while limiting the shrinkage of the item.

The rapid drying process causes the natural fibers of the cloth to become scrunched together. This is the shrinking process. What must be made clear is that a clothing item made of 100% cotton will only shrink so much over time. The shrinking process of cotton clothing will never make the cloth item to be two or three sizes smaller. To prevent shrinking in the drying process, the clothes should be hanged to dry naturally.

If you know that you are not one to hang dry your cotton clothing and you are terribly concerned about the shrinkage of your cotton clothing purchase order one size larger to account for shrinkage.