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Michel Keck Art Collector's Photos: click here

I never take for granted how blessed I am to be able to do what I LOVE for a living!! Living my dream would simply not be a reality for me if it were not for the tremendous support I receive from my art collectors world-wide. I am both proud and grateful that many of my art collectors have been collecting my abstract, collage/mixed media & spiritual artworks since I first started selling my art online full-time in 2003.

  My original paintings & fine art giclee prints hang in a diverse array of private art collections from the first time art buyer to being held in one of the largest private art collections in the world, owned by billionaire art collector Chinh E. Chu. 

Some of the clients for my artwork include; 20th Century Fox Motion Pictures, actress Sigourney Weaver,  HGTV, Bar Louis Bar & Restaurant, Nordstrom Department Stores, Wampango Restaurants and more. My works are in over 1,500 private and corporate art collections in over 25 countries world-wide.

FX Networks (FOX Entertainment Group): ARCHER -  My abstract paintings were featured in FX's hit animated television series Archer. My works can be seen in Mallory Archer's office, in seasons 1 through season 5.  I don't know if I should really list them as a client.. as they never asked my permission to use my artwork in their t.v. series.  I did however bring a lawsuit against FOX Entertainment for the illegal use of my images and they settled with me out of court for their illegal use of my images.  So to all of my collectors and fans who have been seeing me on Archer and wanting to know the outcome.. I won! 




My mixed media work was used as set dressing in the major motion picture The Longest Ride.

 My artwork has been used in the television series House Hunters.



My original pug dog collage, owned by actress Sigourney Weaver, was personally chosen by Ms. Weaver for set dressing in the major motion picture Chappie, starring both Ms. Weaver and Hugh Jackman.

I was commissioned by bar/restaurant chain Bar Louis, to create a custom mixed media six piece set to be featured in their restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. The mixed media series was to focus on the companies logo, "Eat, Drink and Be Merry!" and the Prohibition era.

 To view a large image of all six panels of my custom commissioned pieces for Bar Louie click here.


Michel Keck in NordstromI was commissioned by Nordstrom's Department stores to create original mixed media works to hang in over 20 of their different locations in the Savvy Departments within their Nordstrom stores.

You can purchase direct from my web site fine art giclee reproduction canvas prints of the original mixed media fashion works that I created for Nordstrom.

 I created six different designs for the Savvy Departments titled; Brazen, Cheeky, Demure, Enchanting, Flaunt, and Saucy. 

You can view larger images of my Nordstrom pieces here.



The Hong Kong Jockey Club is one of the oldest institutions in Hong Kong. Founded in 1884, The Hong Kong Jockey Club is a horse racing operator and Hong Kong's largest community benefactor, operating as a not-for-profit organisation.

Hong Kong Jockey Club licensed my original horse collage work (click to view art) to be the sole artwork for their promotion of their 2016 Lucky Start.

Hong Kong Jockey Club graciously offered me free round trip airfare and free stay so that I could be there for opening ceremonies and interviewing of my artwork. Sadly I could not attend due to other committments but I was honored to have been their chosen artist of 2016.  



Click on the images above to view more submitted images of my artwork in my art collector's homes and offices around the world. Please feel free if you have purchased any of my art, originals or prints, or any of my gift items to submit your images to my Keck Art Collector's Photo Album.

I love not only being able to see where my artwork is going but I truly enjoy being able to show off my collector's pictures with my other collectors and art blog and web site visitors.

Please consider jumping in the pics yourself because I adore being able to put faces with your names!! I am able to do what I love because of my generous and caring fans and collectors who purchase my artwork and support my career!! THANK YOU!!! If you have trouble submitting your image to the Collector's Artwork Photo Album please feel free to email them to me at and I can submit them for you. Don't forget to include your name and location. Your address will never be shared just your name and city, state (or just state if that is preferred).