Michel Keck® Art Commissions


I am regularly hired by art collectors, interior design firms and set decorators across the globe to create custom, commissioned works of art for both residential & corporate art collections as well as for corporate art projects.  If you are interested in commissioning me to create a custom, original artwork please follow the steps below to begin..

Step 1.  Your Budget 

My original art works can be purchased in one of two ways. You may purchase a Michel Keck original that has already been completed and is available for sale here or you may desire to have me create a custom original work specifically for you.   The difference is cost.  Having a custom, commission piece created specific to your wants/needs is the more expensive option.

Commission Costs:  

Abstracts & Collage Works on Paper: Price structure for my abstract paintings  and abstract collage commissions begins at $1.50 per square inch.

Abstracts & Collage Works on Canvas: Price structure for my abstract paintings  and abstract collage commissions begins at $2.50 per square inch.

Metal/Wood Assemblages: Price structure for commissioning one of my metal/wood assemblages is $5.00 per square inch.  

Packaging/Shipping/Handling & Insurance Costs:

*note: I have built the shipping/handling & insurance costs into my price per square inch for shipment to all U.S. addresses.   The square inch prices shown above already include packing/shipping/handling & full insurance costs.

It is not uncommon for a large painting to cost $1,500 and up to professionally crate, pack, ship and insure the artwork.  Most individuals do not understand the very high costs artists pay to have artwork packed, shipped & insured so I build that into the cost from the start.  

**Int'l shipments may have additional s/h charges so if this is an international commission we will discuss any additional s/h costs before I begin.


16" x 20" abstract on canvas  = 320 square inches - total: $800 

22" x 30" abstract on paper = 660 square inches - total: $990 

22" x 30" abstract on canvas = 660 square inches - total: $1,650 

48" x 60" abstract on canvas = 2,880 square inches - total $7,200 

** Pet Portrait Commissions - Sorry but I am <b>not</b> accepting pet portrait commissions at this time.  

If you decide a commissioned piece is for you please follow to step 2.

Step 2.  Describe The VIBE 

Please create a detailed list for me describing all of the following...

  • STYLE: Start by letting me know which style(s) of my work you are interested in.  abstract works on paper, abstract works on canvascollage art or assemblage?    Browse through original works and my prints (as there are hundreds of images in my prints section of sold, past works), and list the titles of the particular styles you wish for me to work in.
  • SIZE/QUANTITY: What size(s) and quantity do you need?  Will you be commissioning one work or several works?  Please describe in detail.
  • COLORS: This is a question/detail that artists usually dislike the most but it is very important for many.  COLOR.  Do you need to see specific colors in your commissioned work?  My best commissioned pieces, imho, are always those in which the individual or company commissioning allows me free reign to just do my thing. Abstract artists work best that way.. it is the very nature of how we create.   I understand and appreciate however that every job is different.  Some art collectors have their interior designers give me paint swatches that they want me to create in because they want the artwork to match or compliment the decor.  Other collectors don't match artwork to walls, furniture or other decor and just say.. "I like your messy, negative space abstracts... go for it!".  I've seen the same with corporate commission projects as well.   I've been given both free reign with knowing nothing other than style and size, and I've also been given exact paint brand names/colors that they need the project insists on.  Just provide as much detail as possible and we will discuss during review as well.
  • PHOTOS:  Feel free to send me photographs of the area(s) where the commissioned artwork will be going.  This is such a tremendous help.  Having the photographs lets me envision where the artwork will eventually be hanging so I can get a better vibe for the space.
  • TEXT:  I am often commissioned for scripture/prayer/quote paintings.  If you have a particular piece of scripture, prayer or a favorite quote you want incorporated into the work please provide that exactly as you want the words to read.
  • Email me all of your above details to michel@michelkeck.com with Keck: Artwork Commission Request in the subject line of the email along with your phone number and best time I can reach you to discuss.  If for some reason I am unable to make that time you will hear from me immediately via email to set new date/time.  You may also fill out all of this information in the form at the bottom of this page.


Step 3.  Next... We Chit Chat

I will phone you at the number and time you request and if for some reason I am unable to phone you at that date/time I will email you and let you know all times I am available and we will schedule a time we are both able to speak to discuss.

When we speak we will go through everything about the process from beginning to end.   Exactly all the details above so we both are confident that we are on the same page on everything from style, to color, to size, to time frame, to shipment, etc.   

Step 4.  Deposit

I require 50% down before I begin.  Your deposit is non-refundable.  The deposit secures that I am paid for my time and materials for the commission work.  

Step 5. Final Payment & Shipment

Upon completion I show you the finished project for your approval.  If you are like all others who have come before you, you too will LOVE the end result and it is time to send the remaining 50% for final payment.  Once final payment is received your original artwork is carefully and professionally packaged, crated if necessary, then shipped to you fully insured. 

Step 6. Throw A Party & Show Off Your New Keck Original