Enter to WIN a FREE Keck Original Painting


Got Keck? Show off your Keck original or Keck fine art print on Instagram using hashtag #keckcollector and you are entered in a drawing to win a FREE Keck original painting/collage of your choice from my works on paper collection. 


1) Follow me on Instagram  (if you are not a follower you will not be entered)

I can be found on Instagram at ...  https://www.instagram.com/michel_keck_art/

2) Post a photo of your Keck painting, collage, or print on your instagram page with hashtag #keckcollector 

3) On Christmas day, Dec. 25th 2020, one of my instagram followers who has posted a photo of their Keck artwork(s) with hashtag #keckcollector will be selected to win and will be announced on my blog and instagram page!  

That's it!  Are you a Keck art collector that owns more than one of my pieces? You can enter each work with it's own photo for more chances to WIN! 


A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every collector who has supported my art career with your purchases of my original paintings and fine art prints over the years!  A very large percentage of you have been with me since way back to 2003 when I started selling my art on eBay (damn.. we're getting old huh?!)    I would not be able to do what I love for a living without you and I sincerely appreciative and GRATEFUL that you have allowed me to live a life I LOVE because of your generosity! 

I have been offering FREE painting contests every year since 2003 and some years I've had multiple FREE art contests each year to give Keck art collectors the chance to win a free original. I LOVE DOING THIS!!  I have many who tell me they would like to own an original but can not afford one so this is a tiny way I feel I can give back a little to my collectors.

The most recent winner of a KECK FREE PAINTING CONTEST, was a true gentleman from U.K. named Matt . Upon receiving his free Keck painting Matt emailed me to make the most generous offer and I want to share his story here (because the world can always use stories showing a little more KINDNESS and GENEROSITY).  Matt offered to make a donation to a charity I support as a way to say thank you for having one a free Keck original painting.  He asked which charity I would like a donation to go to so  I gave Matt a small list of some of my favorite charities that I support and from that list he chose OPERATION SMILE to send a donation to.  Just a little more proof positive that Keck art collectors truly are the BEST art collectors in the world!!