Floater Frame Options

Exploring Floating Frames For Your Keck Art:

A floating frame, a unique design technique that places the canvas within the frame, creating a subtle yet impactful gap between the frame and your Keck artwork.

This innovative method offers a contemporary aesthetic, presenting the entire image seamlessly without any edges or disruptions. The floating frame adapts effortlessly to all of my various art styles, from my abstract to my collage works.

Craftsmanship and Material:

Our floater frames are meticulously fashioned from 100% wood, ensuring a substantial and luxurious feel. The natural grain of the wood adds an element of authenticity, enriching the frame's texture and appeal.


If you would like to have your canvas print framed in our floater frames please contact me direct after your purchase, or before purchasing by phone at 219.306-9474 or email me with 'floater frame purchase' in the subject line of the email and I can take your order over the phone.  Additional fees, (*shown below) will apply.

TO ORDER: Make sure you email or phone after your purchase your print to inform us that you do wish to have your Keck print or original framed in one of our floater frames.  The sizes shown below are not an all inclusive list.  We can create your custom frame custom to your print size.  The below price list is just to be used as a reference guide.  If you do not see the size you need below simply phone or email us for exact quote for your sizing needs.
16×20″ $71.00
16×24″ $77.00
18×24″ $79.00
20×20″ $77.00
20×40″ $103.00
20×60″ $131.00
24×30″ $97.00
24×32″ $99.00
24×36″ $104.00
28×58″ $168.00
30×30″ $107.00
30×40″ $120.00
30×60″ $174.00
30×46″ $170.00
32×48″ $167.71
34×46″ $168.02
36×48″ $175.40
38×38″ $165.16
38×58″ $223.53
40×40″ $172.45
40×60″ $231.82
43×58″ $234.43
45×60″ $242.84
48×48″ $224.73
50×50″ $233.02