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Michel Keck® Art Inspired Home Decor & Accessories

For the past decade I have worked with different print on demand companies to have my artwork created onto different art inspired home decor products and accessories.  Until now I have been very displeased with either the business etiquette or the quality of the end product; i.e. pillows, comforters, tote bags, etc.   

I am thrilled to be ringing in 2019 with products that I am seriously proud to attach my signature to. I've purchased and have seen these items first hand. The colors are rich, vibrant and true to color unlike any other print on demand company I've researched in the past.  The quality of these products, from the tote bags to the throw blankets to the cutting boards are truly superb!  As an artist I worked with other companies such as FineArtAmerica in the past and the quality was so poor that I returned all of the samples I purchased because it was nothing I would personally own and nothing that I felt confident putting my Michel Keck® registered mark on.  I am thrilled with my line of art inspired Home Decor & Accessories and I hope you will love them too!  Shop by direct link or photos below...

Home Decor  (clocks, rugs, wall tapestries, window curtains) -   Furniture (credenzas, bar stools, benches, end tables) --  Tabletop (Acrylic Art Trays & Boxes, Art Cutting Boards, Art Coasters & more) -- Bath (shower curtains, beach towels, bath towels and bath mats ) -- Pillows & Bedding (throw pillows, floor pillows, throw blankets, duvet covers, comforters & pillow shams) -- Stationery (notebooks, stickers, stationery cards) -- Bags (tote bags, backpacks, carry all pouches).

Artistic, Stylish & Fresh Home Decor & Accessories by Michel Keck.