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MICHEL KECK (aka The Empress of Abstraction) NFTs


I will be brining my best selling abstract art, collage art, and mixed media contemporary artworks to life in the metaverse with my Keck NFT drops.  The first drop I will be making is my BIG HEAD GIRLS™ Collection that I started wayyyy back in 2005.  These big head girls still continue to be some of my best selling prints of my collage pieces.  You will not get notice of my NFT drops unless you sign up for my art nft newsletter so be sure you get on my mailing list if you are interested in purchasing / bidding on any of my upcoming abstract art nft, collage art nft, mixed media/contemporary art nft drops. 

  • Keck Big Head Girls™ Collection NFT DROP (coming soon!)
  • Keck Down The Rabbit Hole Collection NFT DROP (coming soon!) 



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