As a self-representing artist I have worked extremely hard for the past two decades growing, building and maintaining a successful online art business. For nearly two decades artists from around the globe have contacted me asking for assistance, advice and tips on how they could build and grow their own online art businesses.  I have gladly shared my tips and info with many artists who wanted to learn how to create their own six-figure income art businesses, online as self-representing artists.

In the almost 20 years that I have been a successful, full-time artist, I've learned what really works, what kinda works and what was just an absolute waste of time, energy and money in regard to internet marketing.  

As time allows, I will be sharing free art marketing articles here in my blog with other artists to provide them with tips, advice and info to help them along the way of building their own online art businesses.  I've sold over 1 million dollars of my art and I've gathered art collectors in over 40+ countries around the world. 

If I could give one tip right now about how/where to set up an artist's website then I would have to say that the Art Gallery Store Front site  is where I would focus my attention if you are at the stage where you are looking to offer your artwork on a variety of different substrates such as wood art prints, acrylic art prints, and metal art prints.  

I have been involved with and sold my artwork with almost every major art publisher, and print on demand company that exists.  So many leave so much to be desired and while it can be really exciting to get your artwork printed on to a wide variety of substrates such as wood art prints, metal art prints, canvas art prints and acrylic art prints you really need to make sure that you don't just jump in head first and get involved with print on demand companies that are not worthy of printing your art.

One of the most popular print on demand companies for artists today has some of the absolute worst products out on the market for artist merchandise.  There was a print on demand company that I was earning $3 thousand to $4 thousand dollars extra a month selling my artwork on their canvas (which was great quality), but when we purchased samples of my work on all the other substrates and merch they offered we sent back every single item.  Horrible quality.  Artists I knew actually lost collectors over selling these poor quality products.  Never sign up with a print on demand company and offer your artwork to your collectors on these products without purchasing samples yourself to actually see first hand what your art collectors will be receiving.  To me my collectors are number and they are always right.  Always!  Yes, it can be expensive but then add items as you can afford to do so, but always, ALWAYS, purchase samples of the items that you will be offering your artwork on.  

I will never again in my art career ever do business with an art publisher or a print on demand company that does not provide me with the purchasers information.  I am shocked that there are so many art publishers and pod companies that operate this way, but there seem to be more who prevent you from seeing YOUR customer info than vice versa.  I will always only work with companies who give you your full customer information.

For more information on which two companies I am using to create my artwork onto the highest quality wood art prints, acrylic art prints, metal art prints and framed/unframed paper art prints and merchandise like my fabulous tote bags click here.