Throw Blankets

My collectors tell me ALL the time how comfy and warm my art throw blankets are and it's very true when they say... "the customer/collector is ALWAYS right!"   They aren't lying... they are FAB u l o u s! Everyone I know who has one of these say these immediately become their 'fav' blanket in the house!  Even better, they get even softer the more you wash them. Thesee a perfect addition to any living room couch or bed.

Each art throw blanket is covered with my artwork and the designs are stunningly crisp and vivid!  My artwork designs the front face of the blanket while the reverse side is a comfy, cozy sherpa fleece.  The first time I saw the price of the blankets I thought.. ouch.. it's a wee bit pricey!  I'll admit I'm quite a frugal gal but this throw is worth every single penny and then some!  I  PROMISE!

NOTE:  When I choose one of my artworks to design the front of these fluffy throws I do so fully knowing that the art selection I make from my portfolio may not be everyone's cup of tea.. but don't fret!  Every single one of my artworks can be custom created for you to any of my throw blankets for an additional $35 custom design fee. If you would like to order a Keck throw blanket with a specific design please send email with subject line 'CUSTOM Throw Blanket Design" to

I love when my art collectors share their Keck artwork and Keck home decor/giftware items on Instagram so if you would like to show your love please take a photo and tag it with the #hashtag - #keckcollector