Originals: 2022 Collection

Mind Your Own Business
Original Abstract Painting on Canvas

  • $ 10,500.00

 Title: Mind Your Own Business  #012201
Collection: Wish List
Series: V
Media: acrylic on unstretched canvas
Size: 68" x 78" front face - (extra room left on all sides for stretching)

This original painting will ship to you rolled in a tube and it will require that you have it framed or stretched on stretcher bars. 

This listing is for the original painting, this is not a print.  It is a one of a kind piece of art and is signed on both the front and the back of the painting.

This original painting of mine is from my Wish List Collection. I started my Wish List body of work back in 2007 and it all started because of a 'happy accident' in the studio. These works really beg the viewer to spend time just closely inspecting every square inch of the canvas. Tiny little masterpieces make up a large masterpiece that creates the entire painting.

This is a fun series for me and I love to watch people inspect these from both far away and up close because it really is like two paintings in one from the distance you view these works. This is why I like to share close-ups of these works for those viewers who can not be here to see these works in person because viewing them from a distance or up close is just truly night and day.

I had just freshly gessoed a canvas and as I always worked on multiple paintings at a time during that period paint splattered into the gesso and I tried to immediately fling it off, when I did it splatted onto the floor and left an image that I instantly fell in love with. The force of the flipping the paint off twirled the paint in the air and created like a rope of paint effect and a beautiful image in the splatter. Instantly I knew I would work to recreate that and viola.. my Wish List Collection was born. 

The first time I exhibited this body of work publicly someone paid me what I felt was a fabulous comment. He stood there for awhile taking them all in walking back and forth to view them all up close then walked over to me and said, 'amazing stuff! It's like what you'd imagine a collaboration between Pollock and Dali would look like."

I can't stay in one style.. I know most artist's do and that is fabulous but I have always had a busy mind. Probably the biggest criticism I received early on in my career is that I shouldn't be all over the board. Clearly you can see I didn't let that effect me. I paint for me. Always.

fun but not so nice little factoid: A gallery owner in Las Vegas, the gallery name was Blu, stole and walked away with 6 original paintings from the first series of this collection. He had purchased some from me at a show, sold them immediately, purchased a couple more and then asked for me to send some for consignment. I did. Trusting him turned out to be a big mistake as overnight he closed up his gallery and the bastard stole the works I sent him on consignment.

So.. if anyone ever has any information on the stolen originals that were stolen by Blu gallery owner in Las Vegas (back in about 2008/2009 ish) from this collection I would LOVE if you could share it with me. (phone: 219.306.9474)

If you have any questions about purchasing this original please feel free to contact me direct at 219.306.9474.