Found Object Art
Cross Assemblage

  • $ 499.00

Title: untitled - #022209
Size: 15 1/2" w x 33 1/2" h x  3" d
Medium: reclaimed wood, vintage protractor, old tools, wood from old window, misc. 

I create all of my cross art assemblages with various found objects such as weathered pieces of wood and bark, rusty pieces of metal and old tools that I collect while hiking, traveling to abandoned places, or junking at recycling centers, junk yards and invites we get to properties with old abandoned farm machinery / automobiles.    I use these found objects, discarded junk, and the recycled, worn and rusty pieces to create unique, 1 of a kind found object assemblages in the form of the cross, or crucifix.

Each piece I create tells it's own story from the carefully selected pieces used to create each found object assemblage.   Every piece is a 1 of 1 and will arrive wired and ready to hang.  Studio appointments are available by phone and it usually requires at least a three week notice.  

*Note: Each of my found object art assemblages are completely unique and for that reason are impossible for me to duplicate through the commission process. If one of my original found object / altered art assemblages speaks to you please note that they are truly 1 of 1's and I can not create commissions to look exactly like a sold works because there is no guarantee I will have same/similar items.   

I do accept commission works on my found object assemblages, however it will be based on your preferences and not based on creating a work to mimic one of my sold works.  

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