Originals: 2021 Collection

Revelations 13:17
Original Abstract Painting on Canvas

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Title:  #102102 - Revelations 13:17
Size: 48" w x 48" h x 1.5
Medium: Acrylic, oil, and graphite on canvas  
Original: Yes.  Original by Michel Keck.   
Signed: Yes. artist signed.

Scripture in this work is from Revelations 13:17 and reads: that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark or the name of the beast or the number of his name.

This listing is for the original painting, this is not a print.  It is a one of a kind piece of art and is signed on both the front and the back of the painting.

If you are looking to purchase a giclee print of this work click here

My abstract paintings are almost always a combination of many types of paints; acrylic, oil, water as well as graphite and oil pastels.  I often scribble into my works with different inks, chalks, graphite/charcoal pencils,etc.. really anything that I can get my hands on is free game when I am creating.  Scripture and quotes will often find their way scrawled in to my works if one calls to be placed while I am painting.  My painting is an intuitive process for me and my thinking brain just shuts off and my hands move automatically almost as if in a trance like state.  The state in which I paint in, while it can stir up very strong and heavy emotions for me is also an extremely calming and cathartic experience.  It is where I am at the most peace... even if it is an emotional peace.. I feel at home with the process.   

 The great majority of my abstract art pieces are titled from song titles or song lyrics.  It is always a lyric or title of a song that I am listening to while creating that just stands out to me and takes over as the 'theme' for the basis of my creation.  Many times a lyric will hit me in the midst of painting and I will find myself hitting the 'replay' over and over until the completion of the painting.  Other times I seem to paint almost in a dream like state and the title of the painting is chosen as I am just feeling my painting coming to an end.  As I feel the end of the painting drawing near I often choose a lyric that strikes me in whatever song I am listening to as the painting is being finished.  If it is a chant or instrumental sometimes my paintings are left untitled or a word, phrase or quote is often used to title my work.

I rarely ever create without music.  The music is the closest thing to there being a constant in my studio.  Sometimes the music has lyrics, other times the music is chants, instrumental, binaural beats.  the music is random.. Prince, Ryan Bingham, Johnny Cash,  Ryan Bingham, Alanis Morissette  or you may listen in on consecrated chants... instrumentals or binaural beats.  The array of music played in my studio is as vast as my artistic stylings.  When I am painting one of my original abstract paintings it is a result of simply 'doing' not thinking.  It is an automatic process for me.. like breathing. 

If you are not in the market to purchase the original you can click here for a canvas print of this work.

This one of a kind original is stretched canvas on 1.5" stretcher bars.  It has been sprayed with a museum quality protective coating.   

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me direct at 219.306.9474