Beer Can Rat Sculpture
Be A Unicorn In A Field of Horses

  • $ 650.00

Title:  Beer Can Rat - In A Field of Horses Be A Unicorn
Size: 15" x 19" x 5"
Medium: two part epoxy (for sculpting the head/body), old wire, vintage shoelaces, old springs, sewing bobbin, misc bits and pieces/found objects from flea market and garage sale finds. 

Recycled | Upcycled | Repurposed
Turning Trash into ART in a Green & Eco Friendly Way

This piece is a hand-made original, OOAK, no two pieces are ever alike.   Why rats? I'm not entirely sure.. I just grabbed the sculpting clay and Mr. Rat it was. These pieces have been really fun for me and it started with me staring at a huge pile of vintage rusted out beer cans in one of the treasure piles in my studio and thinking... what could I do with these?

 If you have any questions please email me or phone me direct at 219-306-9474. 


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