Found Object Art
Heart Assemblage #1

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Title:  Heart I
Size: 23" h x 17" w x 3.5"d
Medium: reclaimed wood, vintage seed planter, old gears, vintage crank, old wood shuttle, misc found objects

 Heart Wall Art Sculptures by Michel Keck

Recycled | Upcycled | Repurposed
Turning Trash into ART in a Green & Eco Friendly Way

I see the beauty in all things that are aged, worn and even in the state of decay. My inspiration for my found object art assemblages comes from the vintage/antique and junk items themselves. Each found object art assemblage I create lets me recycle, reuse and repurpose vintage/antique and junk items that have otherwise been discarded by others and on it's way to the landfill. I take what others view as junk and I breathe new life into it by recycling, upcycling and repurposing it. I love the eco friendly, green nature of creating art from trash.

This one of a kind, Heart Art Assemblage is made from found objects that I've collected over the years. Each piece speaks to me on where it should go. My found object assemblages may have many faces until I have arranged and rearranged piece after piece numerous times until all of the junk comes together harmoniously and screams - 'I'M DONE!".

Many of the objects in this found object assemblage come from the vintage seed planter itself. It was disassembled to get the gears from inside it and some of the material used was actually from the seed bag attached to the planter. You will also see an old wire brush, a vintage crank and an old wood shuttle construct the arrow that is piercing the heart. My favorite scripture is 1 Corinthians 13 and you will see it showing up in many of my works. With this work being a heart I could not pass up including a page from the bible with 1 Corinthians 13 to show through in peek-a-book fashion through an opening of the seed spreader. It calls the viewer up close to peer through the hole to see what is inside.

This piece is a hand-made original, OOAK, no two pieces are ever alike. My assemblage artworks are great conversation pieces as people love to spend time staring at the works, viewing them up close to see what items they find within the assemblage.

This found object heart assemblage is wired, ready to hang and is a one-of-a-kind original. Each original found object assemblage I create comes artist signed on back and also will arrive with a signed certificate of authenticity. If you have any questions please email me or phone me direct at 219-306-9474.


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