Original Abstract Art Paper Collage: No One Else But Us

  • $ 695.00

Title: No One Else But Us #031305

Size: 20" h x 16" w x .125"
Medium: abstract art paper collage on canvas board

This listing is for the original abstract art paper collage on canvas board.  It is unframed.  Artist signed.  

My abstract art paper collage series started by me taking all of the scraps from recent projects that were littering my studio floor and using them to create a new work from the old materials. Instead of adding waste to our environment by just throwing all the 'leftovers' away.. I store them.. recycle them and create new works of art with the 'trash' left behind from other projects (such as my dog art collage works).

This series of works has been one of my favorite series to work in. I leave behind my brushes and paints... my charcoals and pastels, to create abstracted collage paintings with various found papers and material.

Instead of paintbrushes, my scissors and hands both cut and rip these found papers and materials to create line, color and form. I love the layering of all of the papers and materials as the thick dimension of all the layers bring each piece to life.

Each torn and cut piece has its own specific place in the artwork. I think the beauty in these works is that they appear to be just thrown together.. but it is actually quite the opposite. I can fuss for hours.. sometimes even days to have the shaped or colored piece layed placed in just the perfect position.

Fine art giclee prints of this work are available as well if you are not in the market to purchase the original work of art.