Originals: 2007 Collection

Hard Knock Life
Original Mixed Media on Canvas

  • $ 12,500.00

Title: Hard Knock Life - #090711

Size: 24" x 36" x 2.5" 
Media: plastic, wood, acrylic, paper, burlap and paint on gallery wrapped canvas.

This listing is for the original mixed media painting/collage.  It is on gallery wrapped canvas. Wired and ready to hang. No need for framing. Artist signed on front and back.  My favorite of my works from 2007 this mixed media assemblage hangs in my personal collection currently. 

When I was creating this work I was cutting out the figure of a horse from a magazine page.  I dropped the piece and it landed on the floor upside down.   The horse image I was cutting out had unbeknownst to me had a photo of a small child riding a hobby horse.  The story that accompanied the photograph was a very sad one of a child living a very hard knock life .. and having all the joie de vivre knocked out of her.  It was the reverse of the clipping that inspired this entire piece.. and titled it as well - Hard Knock Life.   This pieces hangs in my home in my master bedroom. 

Fine art giclee prints of this work are also available if you are not in the market to purchase an original piece of art.