ART PRINTS making their way to their new homes this week!

ART PRINTS making their way to their new homes this week!

Below are some of my recently SOLD fine #artprints making their way out to their new homes this week in Indiana, Florida, Ohio, California, and Georgia. I have taken so much shit over the years from many in the art world..

#artpublishers, #artdealers, (even many other #artists) that my #artportfolio is too "all over the place". I've been told things like... "you need to focus on just one style", "your portfolio isn't cohesive enough to be taken seriously by art collectors", "you need to pick your favorite medium and concentrate on just that", yada, yada, blah, puke, yawn! That is so not me! I am blessed with the ARIES star sign and a .. 'oh yeah, just watch me attitude!'

One thing alone is what matters to me when I am creating art and that is that I am doing what I feel my inner voice is telling me to make. Now.. I HAVE taken jobs where I did have to create some artwork that was not what I was wanting to do and I did not enjoy it. Some of those jobs paid me extremely well and I dropped all of them because my #heart was not in it. For me having my #heartandsoul 100% in it is what matters.. and let me tell you, by doing so that has served me very well.

Some artists thrive working one way.. other artists may thrive another way. My best piece of advice to #newartists.. is two words.. - BE AUTHENTIC! do what it is that your heart is calling you to do and what you love and you will find success there.

I have #artcollectorsanddealers that only purchase my #spiritualart.. I have other #artcollectors who are interested in my #dogart, while other collectors of mine only are drawn to my #abstractpainting. The thing for me is I have never set out to be a #jackofalltrades... oh yeah I've been accussed of that too. I don't care to please everyone... I'm not pizza.. I can't do that

my goal is to PLEASE my inner voice and I have held strong in doing that and that is where I am at #peace and content! THANK YOU to my #abstractartcollectors, my #collageart collectors and my #mixedmediaart collectors who are drawn to my many different #artistic stylings!! MUCH love to you guys! #keckcollectors are the best #art collectors on the planet!

ART PRINTS - sold abstract art print of michel keck

ABSTRACT ART PRINTS - fine art giclee print best selling abstract art prints of Michel Keck

DOG ART PRINTS - abstract collage art dog prints by michel keck

BOXER DOG ART PRINTS - michel keck dog art giclee prints on canvas

ART PRINTS direct from the artist

CROSS ART PRINTS - religious - scripture cross giclee prints on canvas


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