aMichel Keck: Trailblazing, Self-Taught, Self-Representing Artist


Raw, Self-Taught, Self-Representing, Outsider Artist

Greetings art collectors and art enthusiasts!

I'm Michel Keck, a self-taught female artist with a passion for exploring the vast spectrum of artistic expression. Defying the odds, I have flourished as a full-time, professional artist for two decades, navigating the art world as an outsider artist without formal schooling or representation, forging my own unique path and establishing a meaningful connection between my creations and a global audience.

My canvas is a playground of emotions, where I create dark yet uplifting moody abstract paintings, that invite viewers to navigate the intricate dance between shadow and light. Each stroke is a journey into the depths of human experience, offering a visual narrative that resonates with a myriad of emotions. For two decades I've also incorporated scripture into some of my abstract paintings, along with the cross symbol, adding a profound layer of meaning and spiritual resonance to my abstract work. While these pieces often stand as my most sought-after creations, they also evoke strong reactions, becoming my most polarizing artworks, as they navigate the intersection of faith, art, and personal interpretation.  

In addition to my abstract works, I find joy in the creation of modern dog collage art, where I seamlessly blend canine charm with contemporary aesthetics. These pieces not only celebrate the companionship of our four-legged friends but also add a playful and whimsical touch to my diverse portfolio.

Venturing further into the realm of mixed media art and found object assemblage, I transform ordinary materials into extraordinary creations. The innovative use of various elements tells stories of resourcefulness and imagination, creating art that transcends traditional boundaries.   Through my found object assemblages, I take pride in transforming discarded items into bold new art, giving a second life to what many deem as trash. This eco-conscious approach not only keeps junk out of landfills but also serves as a creative testament to the beauty that can emerge from repurposing and reimagining materials that others might overlook.

One of the most humbling aspects of my artistic journey is the global recognition my work has received. Collectors in over 40 countries have embraced my creations, turning them into coveted treasures that span continents. Among my admirers are celebrities, sports stars, presidential candidates, and discerning billionaire art collectors who proudly showcase my pieces in their personal collections.

Beyond the confines of traditional gallery spaces, my art has found its way into the public eye through television, motion pictures, department stores, restaurants, movie theatres, law offices, hospitals/doctor's offices and hundreds of art collector's homes all around the world. It's a testament to the universal language of art and the ability to connect with people across different platforms.

As I continue to explore the limitless possibilities of artistic expression, I invite you to join me on this journey. Let my creations be a source of inspiration and contemplation, transcending boundaries and resonating with the diverse tapestry of human experience.

Thank you for being a part of my artistic adventure.

Best wishes,