Contact Information for Art Dealers, Retailers, and Interested Parties
Thank you for expressing interest in becoming a dealer of my artwork. I am delighted by the prospect of collaboration and would like to provide you with the necessary information to initiate a conversation. For inquiries related to dealer partnerships, retail opportunities, or any business propositions, please feel free to contact me via email at michel@michelkeck.com (with licensing inquiry in the subject line). I am open to discussing various arrangements that align with the shared goal of bringing my art to new audiences.
Intellectual Property Protection
I would like to emphasize that all of my artworks are protected by registered copyrights©, and my name is a registered trademark Michel Keck®. As such, any unauthorized use, reproduction, or distribution of my art or the use of my name without explicit permission is strictly prohibited and will be treated with the utmost seriousness. To ensure compliance with copyright and trademark regulations, and to seek permission for any use of my intellectual property, please reach out to me through the provided email address. I appreciate your understanding and adherence to these legal considerations, which are essential for maintaining the integrity of my work.
I look forward to the possibility of collaboration and appreciate your respect for the creative and legal aspects of my artistic practice. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or to initiate discussions about potential partnerships. Thank you for your interest in my work, and I anticipate the opportunity to explore exciting ventures together.
Best regards,
Michel Keck


Keck® Art Licensing Animal & Abstract on Female Fashion

Female Fashion


 Coasters & Drinkware


Keck® Art Licensing Echo Collection on Stationary and Packaging


Keck® Art Licensing - Chain Reaction on Enamelwear


Michel Keck® Art Licensing - Down The Rabbit Hole Collection, Rabbit Hole Collection and Abstract on Packaging and Home Decor

Packaging & Home Decor

Keck® Art Licensing: Down The Rabbit Hole Collection on Packaging


Keck® Art Licensing:  Keck Dog & Animal Art on Home Decor Products


Home Decor

Keck® Art Licensing: Abstracts from Keck's Pieces of Me Collection on Women's Apparel

Women's Fashion


Women's Tees

Keck® Art Licensing


Men's Tees


Keck® Art Licensing on Stationary Products

Stationary Products  


©Michel Keck.  All Rights Reserved.  Neither my images or my trademark may be used without my expressed written permission and signed legal agreement between parties.  I take the protection of my intellectual property extremely seriously.