Michel Keck® Original Art


Original art is a celebration of individuality, a testament to the artist's distinctive vision and creativity. Unlike prints that can be reproduced in multiple copies, each original artwork is truly one of a kind—imbued with a unique energy and personal touch that sets it apart. The brushstrokes, textures, and nuances captured in an original piece are irreplicable, making it a singular expression of the artist's inspiration and skill. Owning an original artwork is like possessing a piece of the artist's soul, a rare and unmatched treasure that stands alone in its authenticity and exclusivity.  

In Person

Schedule an appointment to join me in person, at my art studio & gallery in Wheatfield, Indiana, to view and/or purchase any of my original artworks.   My studio/gallery appointments are by appointment only and will usually require a two to three week notice.  Please phone me at 219.306.9474 to schedule an appointment.