Embracing the Raw:  A Journey of An Outsider Artist

Embracing the Raw: A Journey of An Outsider Artist

Embracing the Raw: A Journey of An Outsider Artist and Unconventional Success

Untamed, Unfiltered, and Unapologetically Authentic
OUTSIDER ARTIST: The Art Critic collage art of outsider artist michel keck

(artwork: The Art Critic ©Michel Keck) 

(*wikipedia*) - Outsider Art: Outsider art is art made by self-taught or supposedly naïve artists with typically little or no contact with the conventions of the art world.


In a world often dominated by the polished and refined, my journey as a raw, outsider artist without any formal training has been a testament to the power of authenticity and the untamed spirit of creativity. Without the constraints of formal education or the backing of a traditional gallery, I've navigated my own path through the art world, finding success on my own terms.

The Unconventional Beginning

My artistic journey began in an unconventional manner, far removed from the halls of art schools or the structured settings of formal training. Instead, my canvas was the canvas of life, and my medium was the raw, unfiltered emotions that surged through my veins. Without the confines of academic expectations, I embraced the freedom to explore my artistic impulses without the burden of predefined rules.  I've always been told that I must work in just one subject matter so that I can have a cohesive body of work, but I will always ignore that advice.  My passion can take me from painting, to collage, to sculpture/assemblage, to repurposing furniture and then back again, repeatedly.    I create in the medium I feel drawn to on that particular day and I won't apologize for that. 

OutSider Art:  Defense Mechanism collage art by raw, outsider artist michel keck

(artwork: Defense Mechanism ©Michel Keck)

The Outsider's Perspective

As an outsider artist, I found solace in the edges, the unexplored territories of artistic expression. My work was not tethered to the conventions of established art institutions or the demands of a curated gallery space. Instead, I found inspiration in the chaos of the everyday, the unspoken stories, and the hidden beauty that often eludes the formal eye.

Liberating the Untrained Mind

Without formal training, my mind was free to wander uncharted territories. I experimented with unconventional techniques, fearless in my exploration of new forms and mediums. Each stroke was a revelation, and every creation was a dialogue between my untutored hands and the untouched canvas. The absence of academic influence allowed me to tap into a wellspring of creativity that flowed freely from within.

scripture paintings by outsider artist michel keck: outsider art paintings with biblical scripture and crosses
(artwork: #021603 Hebrews 11:1 ©Michel Keck)

Navigating the Art World

In a world where gallery representation often acts as a validation of an artist's worth, I chose a different path. Instead of seeking approval from the established art elite, I connected directly with my audience through the power of the internet and social media. Platforms like eBay and my social media platforms became my virtual art gallery, providing a space where my raw, unfiltered creations could resonate with a global audience.

Community and Connection

One of the unexpected joys of my journey has been the sense of community that emerged organically. Fellow outsider artists, drawn to the authenticity of my work, connected with me through digital spaces. Art collectors world-wide, on the constant search for artwork created by outsider artists, also have found their way to me through the way of the internet.  I have created many long-lasting friendships with my art collectors that truly transcended geographical boundaries, all because of our shared love of art and creation.


(Beer Can Rat Sculpture: Title "Not Made in China" - © Michel Keck)

Defying the Odds

My success as an artist without formal training serves as a testament to the democratization of art. In a world that so very often elevates pedigree over passion, I defied the odds by letting my untrained soul shine through my artwork, be it my original paintings, collage works, or found object sculpture / assemblage art. The art world is evolving, and success is no longer solely defined by gallery representation or academic credentials.

(Found Object Heart Assemblage: Title: Heart I - © Michel Keck)


As a raw, outsider artist without any formal training, my journey has been a celebration of the untamed, the unfiltered, and the unapologetically authentic. In embracing the raw, I found not only artistic success but also a sense of fulfillment that transcends the confines of traditional validation. My story is a reminder that the true essence of art lies in the unbridled spirit of creativity, unrestricted by the formalities that seek to define it.


Michel Keck                                                                                    www.keckfineart.com



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