Fair Use or Willful Copyright & Trademark Infringement?

Fair Use or Willful Copyright & Trademark Infringement?


  • Posted by sheila keck on

    I am proud of you for saying something to defend yourself because I know alot of people are trying to make you afraid to speak up for yourself right now. You have every right to defend yourself and don’t forget it! The law isn’t for innocent people anymore it is for the people who have the most power. I raised you right and to do the right things too bad other mothers didn’t do the same.

  • Posted by Melicia Evans on

    While I have no problem with teaching a style. There is so much overlap today. It’s difficult to believe that using and profiting off of your name and prints isn’t illegal. It certainly should be challenged. I teach kids art and we will often do projects on other artists styles. I could never imagine how this would be okay. I’m sorry this happened to you. I’m not surprised someone did this. I am surprised how it played out.

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