MICHEL KECK WISH LIST acrylic pour paintings

fresh from the studio floor....

In 2007 I created a new style of painting that I called my Wish List Collection.   Every few years I revisit this style to delve in, play around, and grow and morph this style.  I am obsessed with the effect the movement of throwing and tossing the paint into the air has on these works.  As the paint mixes together with the force of the movement it blends and swirls to create the most wonderous combinations and images.    Here I am in 2021.. Series IV of my Wish List Collection.   

one of  my latest.... 

title: Let Me Spell It Out
acrylic on wood
©Michel Keck

 michel keck acrylic pour paintings


original acrylic abstract pour paintings


acrylic pour paintings like you've never seen before


original abstract paintings by michel keck

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