Hello 2024! New Year New Art

Hello 2024! New Year New Art

One of my close friends,  an art teacher for K-6 in Ohio., recently encouraged me to to purchase a Gelli Art Plates, as she had seen one of my works and asked me if I had done something with a gelli plate.  I explained to her I didn't even know what that was.  So she told me how much she loves them and thought I would do amazing things with them and become obsessed with them.  I purchased a large gelli, and a small gelli and all I can say is.. I became immediately obsessed with it. I see endless possibilities for not just my collage works but just my abstract pieces in general. 

The Gelli Art Plate, with its unique gel-like surface, promises a dynamic and unpredictable canvas for experimentation. I eagerly embraced this new medium, eager to discover the limitless possibilities it holds for creating captivating and original pieces. I look forward to delving into the world of Gelli Art Plates and translating inspiration into vibrant masterpieces.

The following three works are my first three pieces I created with the Gelli art plates.

gelli art plate abstract art collage by michel keck

title: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

gelli art plate image transfer artwork by michel keck stay in your lane

title: stay in your lane 

gelli plate collage art by michel keck walk among us

title: walk among us

 With this last piece, the friend of mine thought it would be fun if we each created a piece to fit a 'theme'.  Or other friend picked the title/theme 'Walk Among Us' (yes very good to those of you who recognized this as a Misfits album title).

This was the piece that I created.  My girlfriend didn't complete the challenge but I had a blast nonetheless! I am turning it into a t-shirt as I had a few friends ask for me to do that.  Stay tuned. 

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