Keck Collector's Emails

Keck Collector's Emails

I often sound like a broken record when I speak about my art collectors but it is so very true and it comes from my heart when I say that one of the very best things about doing what I do for a living is the interaction I have with the beautiful souls who become collectors of my artwork.  Without them I would not be here today doing what it is that I love.  

I received another beautiful email today from one of my art collectors that is a true blast from the past as he has been a faithful collector and supporter of my works since I am thinking about 2004ish.  

Today I received the following beautiful email from my long-time art collector Troy from Topeka, Kansas.

I was recently looking at your website and I ran across your request for pictures of your art work displayed by people who purchased your work. I am attaching several pictures of your work, which is prominently displayed in my home and office. They are easily my favorites, which is why they are the centerpieces of my collection. The pictures don't do justice for just how spectacular your work is, and how amazing it makes the room look.
Troy Berberick
Topeka, Kansas
These are the emails that warm my heart and bring a smile to my face!  One of the very best parts for me of being an artist is hearing from my art collectors who reach out to me to tell me how loved & cherished my works are.   
I am blessed to receive emails from individuals that sometimes span back years.. even decades (yikes!! impossible.. I'm not that old *wink*) to share with me purchases they've made of my original paintings and fine art prints.  Seeing Troy's email today was lovely as he brought back to my memory works of mine that I haven't seen or thought about in ages.  I didn't start professionally shooting my artworks until the year 2005 so many of them have escaped my memories so it was a joy to receive Troy's email today sharing the pics of my works hanging in his art collection in his home and offices.  THANK YOU TROY!!!  Sending much love your way!  Thank you for your continued support of my art!  It is sincerely appreciated! 
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ART COLLECTIONS:  Michel Keck Art Collector - Troy in Topeka Kansas
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