Outsider Art Found Object Sculptures: Make Love Not War

Outsider Art Found Object Sculptures: Make Love Not War



this is the second in my beer can rat series.. sorry the blog posts are a little behind and a little out of order.  I create the sculptures in my beer can rat series from sculpting the head and body with a two part epoxy clay. I'm really loving working with it.  I form the body around vintage beer cans.  I use objects that I've found and collected throughout the years in our hikes, travels and junking trips.  This one was really fun and I gave beer can rat some dread locks out of some old vintage jewelry.  I like to mix up the eyes on my beer can rat sculptures and will often use two different found objects for the eyes in this case it was a small gear and from the inside of an old typewriter and an old bobbin for the other eye (which I guess is sort of signature for my sculptures in this series).

this little rat's sign reads - Make Love Not War and I think it is totally fitting for the outrageous, nonsensical war going on with Russia's attacks on the innocent Ukrainian people currently. 

Found Object Art Sculptures: Rat sculptures - outsider folk art


Rat Art Sculptures: Found object items used to create rat sculptures by michel keck

Folk Art Sculptures: Raw art, beer can rat series

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