my most recently completed painting - Hide Me Under Your Wings

my most recently completed painting - Hide Me Under Your Wings

my most recently completed original scripture painting. 

I think the reason so many people are drawn to my abstract scripture paintings is because contemporary abstract art had never been melded together with bible verse before I started painting my abstract scripture and cross art paintings. 

I had always been a really huge fan of folk artists and Howard Finster was one of my favorites.  I think that was an inspiration for me actually.  I didn't set out to put scripture in my paintings but I remember being in the studio one day and I had a bible that was given to me by my father after my grandmother (his mother) passed away and I was just flipping through and a verse spoke out to me and that was it.. in to the painting it went.  I never looked back from that point on.  It is one of the styles I am most recognized for and I've even had collectors of mine that do not claim to be religious who appreciate and purchase my scripture paintings.  That is what I love!  My views on religion are very deep and I am quite spiritual and I believe very strongly that we are all connected via one source.. God, or to others 'source' or whatever they call their God.  I do not believe there is a 'right' or wrong religion and my thoughts on this anger a lot of people.. and that has always confused me.  I get hate mail from those who hate Christianity.. that is another thing that confuses me as I would never question someone or hate someone because of their own personal religious beliefs, but there are some who feel that way and my scripture art angers them.  To me evoking any emotion out of someone with my artwork.. good or bad, means I've been successful.  Art is made to make people 'feel' .. happy, sad, anger, fear, etc.  My art is doing it's job.

here is my latest... 

Psalm 17:6-8 - Hide Me Under Your Wings

Original Abstract Paintings with Scripture from Bible scrawled into the paint

abstract bible verse paintings of Michel Keck

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