Navigating The Art World As An Artist With Conservative Views

Navigating The Art World As An Artist With Conservative Views

Navigating the art world as an artist who has many conservative views has proven to be a journey fraught with challenges.  Conservative artists really stand out as minority voices in a predominantly liberal landscape. It's disheartening to witness how a significant portion of the liberal base within the art community can harbor animosity simply because my viewpoint diverges from theirs. I find it all to be extremely hypocritical because the very purpose of art is to allow all voices and viewpoints to be seen and celebrated.  Art has long been celebrated as a platform for diverse perspectives, yet the reality for a conservative artist is often one of subtle alienation. 

Original abstract art painting with scripture

(©Michel Keck - Jeremiah 33:3 - original abstract art scripture painting)

Expressing ideas that deviate from the mainstream narrative invites scrutiny and, at times, outright disdain. The supposed open-mindedness of the art world seems to waver when confronted with conservative values. Despite the hurdles, however, I remain committed to my craft and the belief that art should encompass a spectrum of ideas, fostering a true exchange of perspectives rather than conforming to a single ideological lens. The journey may be challenging, but it is essential to continue contributing to the rich tapestry of art with a diverse range of thoughts and expressions.

Powerful, abstract art paintings with scripture infused into the art

©Michel Keck - Psalm 17: 6-8 original abstract scripture painting

The supposed open-mindedness that the art world prides itself on appears to falter when confronted with conservative values, leaving conservative artist's to face both and not so subtle alienation; especially in regard to their standing on social media platforms. 

In the digital age, social media platforms have become powerful conduits for political discourse, shaping and reflecting public opinion. The influence of these platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, on political narratives has sparked debates over potential biases. A prevailing argument suggests that these platforms tend to be more favorable to Democratic policies, raising concerns about the impact on the democratic process itself.

original cross art paintings. bold abstract paintings symbolizing the cross

©Michel Keck - Abstract Cross Art Print 

Critics argue that the algorithms and content moderation policies employed by these social media giants can inadvertently favor certain political ideologies. The perception of liberal bias often centers on issues related to content moderation, where conservative voices have claimed that their views are disproportionately censored or suppressed. This has led to concerns about the platforms inadvertently shaping the digital public square in a way that aligns more closely with Democratic perspectives.

Ethereal abstract art cross prints by Michel Keck

©Michel Keck - #061505 Ethereal Abstract Art Cross Print

Facebook, as one of the largest social media platforms globally, has faced scrutiny over its handling of political content. The company's role in disseminating information and its influence on user engagement have raised questions about the impact on political discourse. Similarly, Instagram, owned by Facebook, and TikTok have been accused of showcasing content that leans towards liberal viewpoints, contributing to the narrative that these platforms are more favorable to Democratic policies.

Original abstract art paintings with scripture and crosses infused into them.  Scripture based abstract art paintings and prints

©Michel Keck - #082002 Original Abstract Painting Proverbs 3:5 Scripture

Conservative artists who dare to exercise their right to free speech and share any of their political opinions online, especially if they are a Donald Trump supporter, have undoubtedly found that 'shadow banning' is indeed a very real thing, not some hyped up 'conspiracy theory' by right wing loonies.

The art world should be an environment where diverse perspectives are not only tolerated but welcomed, but that is very often not the case.   As a conservative artist, I remain committed to my craft, driven by the belief that art should be a melting pot of ideas, facilitating a genuine exchange of perspectives. Despite the hurdles, it is imperative to contribute to the rich mosaic of art with a diverse range of thoughts and expressions, challenging the notion that art should conform to a single ideological lens.  

Earthy, raw, abstract art paintings with scripture, bible verse, crosses

©Michel Keck - #021604 Proverbs 29:25 Scripture Art Print

My art journey, especially in regards to sharing my Christian based, scripture and cross art paintings, though arduous, serves as a testament to the resilience needed to champion artistic diversity. It underscores the importance of cultivating an inclusive space within the art world, where differing viewpoints can coexist harmoniously. As I persevere in the face of adversity, the hope is not merely to survive but to thrive, catalyzing a shift towards a more open and accepting art community that truly embraces the myriad of voices that contribute to its vibrancy.

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