Rats & Rabbits: Outsider, Folk Art Animal Sculptures

Rats & Rabbits: Outsider, Folk Art Animal Sculptures

in 2015 my husband and I sold the two houses we owned, and the majority of our belongings to move to southern Indiana to renovate a farmhouse and start a business selling our artwork.  It was our dream to create hand-made, repurposed furniture and mixed media artwork.  Shortly after our move my business was struck hard with Chinese counterfeits and our dreams of building our hand-creation art business was put on a very long hold.

We are now able to start the business we had intended on starting many years ago. Today I am excited to share pics of our first found object, and mixed media sculptures.  

I asked the hubs to make me a rabbit and I wanted to make a rat.  My husband used vintage materials from my large stash of old fabrics for the clothing for the rabbit and he sculpted the hands, head and carved the wood feet.  I think rats get such a bad rap.  I love them and I hate that they are usually the symbols that union members use when they are picketing, so I thought I'd make a beer can rat that was actually doing a little picketing of his own.  This rat is clearly not a fan of products Made in China.

I used an old beer can, old furniture casters, old rusted springs and washers, a bobbin for one of his eyes, some old twine, vintage fabric from an old seed bag, rusty wire, vintage typewriter key and a vintage wooden pirn bobbin for the base of his tail. 

RAT SCULPTURES: Found Object Mixed Media Rat Sculptures
RAT SCULPTURE made of found objects and junk items
NOT MADE IN CHINA - Rat Sculptures made from junk and found objects
Rat Assemblage Art: Found Object Rat Sculptures by Michel Keck
folk art - outsider art - rabbit sculpture
raw art found object animal sculptures
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