Repurposed Art: Creating Modern Assemblage Art with Found Objects

Repurposed Art: Creating Modern Assemblage Art with Found Objects

Many times I create pieces of art through the simple need of wanting a piece of art for my own home and not being able to find the perfect piece for the space I want to beautify with a piece of art.

The following cross art assemblage I created after a trip to an elderly friend's barns where he let us have free reign to sift through the piles of old tools, and auction finds he had collected over the years.  I saw a broken gauge lying in the old dirt floor and I knew instantly I wanted that piece for an old cross assemblage that I had been working on years prior.  That is the thing about assemblage art... sometimes you are creating a found object assemblage and all the pieces will be lying in the piles of junk and discarded treasures that surround you.  Other times I will have an assemblage piece that I just tuck away until the time arrives that perfect piece shows up to complete that assemblage.  When you work the way that I do you need tons of storage space.. and I am blessed that I have that.

This cross waited a few years to be finished and I love how I just adore the end result. 

 found object junk art assemblages turned in to beautiful modern cross art

Artist turns junk into beautiful modern cross art



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