The Inspiration Behind The Art

The Inspiration Behind The Art

As an artist, inspiration can strike at any moment, often in the most unexpected places. Recently, I experienced one of those moments while flipping through an old family ledger that has been passed down to me. The image above is what inspired my latest cross art collage.  

Fascinated by the emotions conveyed in that tiny piece of paper, I knew it would end up in my next piece, and perhaps even lead to assisting me with the title of my cross art collage.  As I start a collage journey, the initial stages involved collecting materials - old magazines, newspapers, colored papers, and various textures. The process of gathering these elements is like curating a palette of emotions and stories, waiting to be woven into a visual narrative.

The act of cutting and pasting, arranging and rearranging, is a meditative process for me. It's where I lose myself in the rhythm of creation, allowing the artwork to unfold organically. This found clipping, that one of my husband's relatives found important enough to stow away between the ledger pages is now integrated into the collage. 

As an artist, I find profound beauty in the ordinary, and this experience reinforced the idea that inspiration can be found in the most mundane places. A simple cut newspaper/magazine clipping had become the muse for an intricate collage, reminding me of the endless possibilities that lie within the everyday fragments of life.

No More Earths cross art collage by michel keck
Title: No More Earths
Size: 16" x 20" x 3/4"


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