ORIGINALS: Scripture & Cross Paintings on Canvas

The following are all of my currently AVAILABLE original, abstract art scripture paintings and cross paintings on canvas.

I have been infusing my abstract art paintings with scripture and crosses almost since the very beginning of my professional art career (2003).  At the time I was doing this it was nothing that was being done and people either loved it or hated it.  Regardless of how people reacted to my original abstract scripture paintings I had a strong pull, and I still do, to create them. 

I find profound meaning in embedding scripture and Bible verses into my abstract art paintings. Words, to me, possess an unparalleled power to transcend the barriers of individual beliefs and resonate universally with the human experience. Regardless of one's religious background, the profound wisdom and timeless truths found in scripture can offer comfort, strength, and empowerment during challenging and trying times. The amalgamation of vibrant colors, energetic brushstrokes, and sacred text creates a harmonious synergy, where the visual and the verbal intertwine to form a narrative that I truly feel speaks to the soul.

I believe that art has the potential to be a source of solace and inspiration for everyone, transcending religious boundaries and tapping into the collective essence of human resilience. By incorporating scripture into my abstract creations, I aim to share a message that goes beyond religious affiliations, reminding us all of the inherent power of words to uplift and unite us on our shared journey through life.

  1. Original abstract art paintings with scripture. Modern scripture artwork on canvas
  1. Modern religious abstract prints with bible verse by Michel Keck
  1. Original Scripture Art Painting - Matthew 7:7-8 #061620
  1. #082001 <br> Original Abstract Art Scripture Painting <br> Jeremiah 33:3
  1. Scripture Paintings. Original abstract art paintings with scripture and crosses embedded in them
  1. #082002 <br> With All Your Heart <br> Original Painting by Michel Keck