KECK® Pet Portraits & Animal Art

Thank you for your interest in my pet portraits.  If you are a collector or fan/follower of my works you already know what inspired my collage art dogs.   For those of you new to my works I'd like to let you know that the inspiration behind my patchwork pups was my bff Mr. Moose.   My german shepherd Moose was the most faithful, loving, and loyal of GSD's.  Having always worked from Mr. Moose and I were always side by side.  Throughout his entire life there were very few days we were simply not each other's shadows.  I was so blessed to have him with me through life for 14 joyous years!!   Mr. Moose passed, in my arms, on Sept. 7th 2017. Not a single day since Moose's passing have I not thought of him, talked to him, cried and smiled about him.  His presence is always with me but yet I still miss him more than words can say.

I have created over 50+ dog breeds in my patchwork pup collage style and you can shop those breeds through my >> Dog Art Prints link here

Over the years I have had fans/collectors ask me to honor their pet with a pet portrait collage of their own which I always feel blessed to do.  It is an honor for me anytime someone entrusts me to turn their furry bff into a Keck work of art.  For more info on my pet portraits click here.