Are You Sure About This??

Are You Sure About This??

title: are you sure about this?
year: 2008
©Michel Keck

I found this little collage in my flat file drawers today and it brought a huge smile to my face.  I haven't seen this in years... I titled it.. Are You Sure About This?  something about the expression on the little doll's face popped that title into my head.

When people go through my portfolio of works I am fully aware that it does look like its a group of artists making the artwork. People in the art world would tell me.. 'michel if you want to be successful you have to show only a cohesive body of work.. you can't be all over the place." Perhaps their is some truth to what they say, but I think supporting myself as a full-time artist since 2003 shows maybe it is not as important as they say.  What do you think?

I guess the problem with me is that I've never really done anything conventionally.. my mind IS all over the place. my work in my studio IS all over the place.. my sketchbooks show abstracts, collage works, circle drawings.. I'm okay with that. I think my collectors and fans are okay with the fact that I might be painting an abstract with a scripture in it one day, and doing a nude collage with some vintage porn in it the next day. that is just me.. a little bit of this.. a little bit of that.  follow the heart.. follow the happiness.. even if it draws a crooked path.  I say 'do what you love and do it HARD!'  



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