ART COLLECTORS - Submit Your Photos of my Art In Your Homes & Offices

ART COLLECTORS - Submit Your Photos of my Art In Your Homes & Offices




Click on the images above to view more submitted images of my artwork in my art collector's homes and offices around the world. Please feel free if you have purchased any of my art, originals or prints, or any of my gift items to submit your images to my Keck Art Collector's Photo Album.

I love not only being able to see where my artwork is going but I truly enjoy being able to show off my collector's pictures with my other collectors and art blog and web site visitors.

Please consider jumping in the pics yourself because I adore being able to put faces with your names!! I am able to do what I love because of my generous and caring fans and collectors who purchase my artwork and support my career!! THANK YOU!!!

If you have trouble submitting your image to the Collector's Artwork Photo Album please feel free to email them to me at and I can submit them for you. Don't forget to include your name and location. Your address will never be shared just your name and city, state (or just state if that is preferred).  I have left facebook, so I will be creating an area here on my website to include my art collector's keck artworks directly on my site soon.  

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