Modern HeART Wall Assemblages / Sculptures

Modern HeART Wall Assemblages / Sculptures

HEART ART: Modern Heart Wall Scultpures / Assemblages from found objects, reclaimed wood/meta, and recycled items. #heartsculptures #heartassemblages
Heart Art Assemblages. Heart Wall Sculptures. Handmade Heart art wall decor by Michel Keck

Giving Found/Reclaimed Objects A New Life!

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About two decades ago I started collecting rocks in the shape of hearts. I'll share pics of some of them on my blog on my website this week for any of my fellow collectors who may be out there. :)   The hearts just sort of reveal  themselves to me. I see them walking through the woods, on beaches, on the street, really everywhere I go I find them. When I first met my husband and we walked on the beach together and showing them to him as I would pick them up he was amazed because he would look and look and could never find any and get quite frustrated. I however could literally find them everywhere.   The more frustrated he would get I would explain that he was never going to find them in that frustrated state and he would just laugh at me.


A few later I started reading the books and research of the not for profit organization called HeartMath Institute.  Their research is very interesting and inspiring and I was immediately drawn to it.   Their work and research is based on our heart's intelligence and it is so very impressive. Their work teaches you an effective way to improve, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.  The underlying key is to teach one how to evoke and maintain/sustain the state of sincere appreciation.   Their studies show the greater one's capacity to live and be in that state of sincere/true appreciation the deeper connection we have with our hearts.  It is within our hearts that our inspiration, intuition and true unlimited abilities and possibilites reside.   So with my collecting of heart rocks and my heart centered meditation and studies I think creating found objects in the shapes of heart is just a natural symbol for me to be drawn to create. 


The picture(s) above and below are of my second heart art wall sculpture that I've created from found & reclaimed objects that I've gathered / collected.  I had so much fun creating it and I really love how it turned out! I hope you enjoy it too!  




Modern Heart Wall Sculptures by Michel Keck Heart Wall Artwork made from found objects and recycled materials
Handmade Heart Artwork. Heart Assemblages & Heart Sculptures made from reclaimed wood and found objects
HEART ART:  3d heart art sculptures and heart found object assemblages for walls.
Heart Wall Sculpture. Handmade one of a kind heart artwork made from found objects and reclaimed items. Heart Wall Decor.

My found object wall assemblages are one of a kind.  No two are ever alike.  I am not sure if I will make prints of these available as I do not know how  such a 3 dimensional assemblage would translate to print form.   So, for now only the one original piece is available.



©Michel Keck

size: 23" x 17" x 3.5" 


This particular assemblage incorporates different vintage materials from an old army bag, an old seed spreader and from the inside of a baseball glove. I've also used vintage ruler, several vintage door hinges and latches, some reclaimed wood and an old speedometer we took out of an old abandoned chevy on the back half of his parent's property that we picked up years ago. Instantly I knew I wanted to use it as the 'hump' of a heart in an art piece and viola there it is!  The orange piece was a cover off an old light that I pulled apart from it's rubber backing. 

This is available on my website at  --- If you are a Mammoth Nation member you can receive my MN coupon code in the membership area.  

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