Heart Art Collage Assemblages: Spreading the LOVE one heart at a time!

Heart Art Collage Assemblages: Spreading the LOVE one heart at a time!

HEART ART: Found Object Heart Assemblages | Collage Heart Artwork made with recycled items


HEART ART ASSEMBLAGES from Found Objects.                                Recycled | Reclaimed | Repurposed Wall Art

I've had such beautiful feedback from my art collectors on my first two found object heart art assemblages. I've been creating art assemblages from reclaimed and found objects for many years now but I am working in them exclusively currently as a break from my paintings and dog collage works. (much needed as most of you understand.)

I am finding that using the found objects and reclaimed wood and metal that I've been collecting over the years to be such a calming and soothing time for my creation right now.   I am so happy that others are enjoying viewing them as much as I am enjoying creating them.  THANK YOU!! I am blessed and grateful for such wonderful and loyal art collectors who follow me with excitement through all the twists and turns.

I am working right now mostly in cross assemblages and heart art assemblages right now.  My found object assemblages are not much different than my torn paper collages... it's all fitting the perfect piece into the perfect place just using much different material.  Most see a torn paper collage and it is an expected piece of art as the art supplies of the paper and glue are typically seen and recognized as material for art supplies.   The found object assemblages are so fun for me because I am using items that are just not recognized as art supplies and creating artwork with discarded junk, reclaimed items and found objects that people do not look at typically and think 'art'.  That to me is the beauty of assemblage art!

 In my last newsletter I mentioned that about two decades ago I started collecting heart shape walks.  They seem to turn up in my life pretty much every time I am looking down at the ground.  No matter where I am walking be it through the woods, along the roadside or even in parking lots these little heart shape rocks seem to find their way to me.  

Naturally creating found object, collage, assemblages in the shape of the heart has come natural for me as it is something I am drawn to.  I mentioned too in my last newsletter how I have been studying the writings and research of HeartMath Institute for many years now. So I think my believe in the power of our hearts, meditating with a coherent heart.. that the heart found object assemblage was just something waiting for me to create. 

When I create my assemblages really anything is fair game and we have a large barn full of collected/gathered found objects and reclaimed items that I use for my art supplies.  It is so fun to watch people view my found object art assemblages in real life because you can see the wheels turning in their head as they see the unusual items placed into the assemblage that use to serve such a much different purpose than being used an art supply.   

I breathe new life into these old discarded pieces that would otherwise just be littering a garbage dump somewhere.  It is a good feeling too to find ways to recycle and repurpose this junk into a modern piece of art that can be enjoyed forever as opposed to adding more litter to our planet. 

The following heart art assemblage is my third in my heart series.  This one is Heart III but also titled So You Think You've Got Troubles.  The title comes from the old 45 used in the assemblage.  I love this title and this was the perfect addition for the piece.   I try very hard in life to always see the silver lining.. even if it takes me awhile that is my goal.  Each of us, no matter what our stories.. no matter what times we may go through there is always others who have so much greater suffering and it is good to always try and keep that perspective.    That is what this piece means to me.. knowing that no matter how hard the hard times seem to be there are always a million others who would gladly trade you places.   This heart art assemblage is a piece about being truly grateful for the positives in life.  

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Heart Art Assemblage Found Object Heart Artwork Recycled Hearts Reclaimed Heart Art

Found Object Heart Art: Wall Art Sculptures created from junk, discarded items and found objects


FOUND OBJECT ART: Heart Art Assemblages created from found objects, junk and reclaimed wood


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