Heart Assemblages / Sculptures from reclaimed, recycled & found objects

Heart Assemblages / Sculptures from reclaimed, recycled & found objects

Those of you closest to me know that I lost my father on May 29th. I had been taking a bit of time away before his passing as my father's mental health continued to deteriorate (Alzheimers) to leave behind a man that was scared, sad and merely exisiting, not living. The stress of this was causing my mother's state to rapidly decline as well, as a child watching this is something I truly pray nobody has to go through. Sadly my father's Alzheimers was brought on to a very progressed stage as a result of his anesthesia from his colon cancer surgery and the serious overmedicating of my father by a "CARE" center. Thankfully my mother and I fought hard to get him out of that facility as quick as we possibly could and we brought him home to teach him how to walk, feed himself and use the bathroom again by himself something he was completely unable to do. We are grateful and blessed that my father died with dignity in his own home, which is just exactly how he would have chose for himself to leave. My father went peacefully in his sleep as his heart gave out. We thank God every day for taking him peacefully and painlessly. It may not seem a thing to be thankful for, but my mother and I are grateful that he did not suffer.


Three hours after my father's visitation at the funeral home I was in a ambulance on the way to a hospital. My stomach was severely swollen, and I was vomiting uncontrollably. They said my white blood cell count was extremely high. (They still have no reason for the severe swelling of my stomach). They said that kidney stone was causing all of the pain and was perhaps the reason for my WBC to be so high. No hospitals could take me, and they had no urologist on staff. , they found this out and told me this about 20 minutes after the doctor told me I had to go get this stone out immediately or I could be dead from blood poisoning. They said I could stay in their hospital until they could find a hospital to take me but that it could be a day or two. I told them I wanted to be released. They told me they advised against it but I signed the papers and away I went. I am happy to report that I am again good as gold, still don't think I passed a stone but I am a far cry from "dead from blood poisoning" as the hospital told me could happen to me if I left.  


It seems like one thing hits.. it all hits. When it rains it pours right? As soon as I was feeling among the living again I asked my husband what was wrong with our calico?? She looked like she was dying.. I had not been well so I had not even been able to care for anyone. We took her in only to find that her kidneys were also having severe issues and she has a tumor on her lung. We found out this information three days ago.  


It is easy when all of this hits to get upset, to question why, to feel let down, but I am grateful. I am grateful that my father left this world peacefully, I am grateful that I am living and feeling back to my normal self and I am grateful that I have wonderful vets in both conventional and holistic practices helping me with my kitty Cali and I know she will be on the mend again very soon!!


I am a strong believer in the power of prayer and positive energy. For those of you who have been sending prayers and positive energy I am grateful!! I was back in the studio the past couple of days with a kitty right by my side watching my every move. The small heart I started quite a bit ago and it had only two small pieces for me to secure down for it to be completed and the past two days I started and finished the larger heart, Heart V (Why are ye fearful? O ye of little faith?)


I have been putting scripture into a few of my past hearts, actually those two have SOLD, and this larger one I completed yesterday has scripture in it as well. I have been studying fasting, and energy healing and more heart math again lately so when I opened the bible two days ago to see what scripture I was going to include this is the page I directly opened too. I do not think it coincidence that it coincides with where my heart/mind have been lately with my studies. I do not believe in coincidences, I believe everything happens for a reason. I think that sometimes we are too closed off to hear/see the reasons why all the little twists and turns appear in our lives. I am grateful that I have been more open to these things lately and to find gratitude in things even when I may feel I've been dealt a poor hand.


I want to say I am so grateful to all of you who have supported my art for so many years. I am blessed to have many of my art collectors that have been by my side since I started selling my art full time online in 2003! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I could not continue to move forward without the financial support of those of my collectors who spend their hard earned money to support my art. I am only able to continue working in a career I love because of the generous support of my loyal and loving collectors and fans. I APPRECIATE YOU!


It is a such a different world today then when I began selling my art online. It used to be we lived in a country where people allowed others to have their own opinions and beliefs without being offended and angered. I receive increasingly more HATE mails because of the fact that I put scripture into my works and say I have faith in God and prayer. I will forever remain true to myself and I will continue to praise God in my works when I feel that is what I am called to do. I may lose collector's along the way, but I don't lose myself or my spirit and I am grateful to continue to share what I believe is my God given talent with the world. For those of you who stand by my side through all of the twists and turns I feel blessed that you are with me! THANK YOU!   


These two hearts below are quite important to me.  I hope that you enjoy them!  The large is my most recently completed.  The smaller one was started quite some time back and just secured down two pieces that were sitting waiting patiently to be attached.  

HEART ART: Found Object Heart Wall Sculptures.  Heart wall decor for modern, vintage industrial and farmhouse decor
HEART ART: Heart wall sculptures created from found objects and recycled materials
HEART Wall Sculptures.  Heart art created by Michel Keck.  Own an original HEART ART sculpture of found objects by Michel Keck
Heart Wall Art. Handmade Heart Art Assemblages Sculptures

My assemblages, like these two hearts (above and below), are created from found objects, vintage/antique items and discarded trash. This style of art is often referred to as found object art, or assemblage art.  Sometimes it is also called recycled/repurposed art or even junk art.  I have always been a collector of all things old, worn and rusty so this style of artwork comes naturally for me as I get to find a way to recycle and bring new life to old items otherwise destined for a trash heap.  I do not know if I am swaying in this direction more because of all that happened to me through the devastation of fighting one legal intellectual property rights infringement case after the next.. but I am grateful for where I am right now on my art path.  We can't question the how/why.. or at least I try very hard not to.  Both of these originals are available on my website currently.  I do not know if I will be offering giclee prints of any of my assemblages (crosses/hearts or misc).. as of now I do not.  Currently I only am selling the originals of my assemblage work. 




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