Heart Sculptures from found objects / recycled art

Heart Sculptures from found objects / recycled art


My most recently completed found object heart art sculpture / assemblage.

title: Heart VI - I Can't Help It... (if I'm still in Love with You)

When I saw this particular old 45 song by Hank Williams (sung by Linda Ronstadt) I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You) - from the LP 'Heart Like A Wheel' - it screamed to be put into my latest found object / recycled art heart wall sculpture.

3D Heart Wall Sculpture (Heart VI) by Michel Keck made of recycled, reclaimed and found objects. 

HEART Wall Art - 3d Heart Wall Sculptures created from recycled and reclaimed items

Heart Artwork - HeARTworks by Michel Keck. Found Object Heart Wall Sculptures.

Heart Wall Decor - Modern HEART Artwork for your walls.

listed for sale on website or phone 219-306-9474

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